The first issue of Materiality examines the materials of the book, both traditional and contemporary. It features short essays, fiction, poetry and photographs about topics as diverse as cookbooks, paper-making, speed type-setting, reading on the toilet, the Bookpocalypse, the size of newspapers, lending books, moving books, winning books, burning books, banning books, pop-up books, artists’ books and many more things besides. You’re sure to find something good to read at the breakfast table or on the train—or on the loo. Contributors to this issue include Douglas C Blood, Sarah Caldwell, Shirley Cameron, Peter J Casey, Gil Fewster, Caren Florance, Carolyn Fraser, Kelly Gardiner, Gracia Haby, Albertine Hamilton, Em Hart, Sally Hart, Mat Larkin, Mark Lawrence, Kirsty Leishman, Mike Lynch, Helen McPherson, Libby Melzer, Chris Miles, Ashley Ng and Anna Ryan-Punch.

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  • non-fiction essay comedy short story sci-fi poetry photo essay
    Language: English / Published: 01 July 2013


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